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Hi, My name is Jay.


When I originally started out, I didn't see the healer side to me, in fact I spent the first 15 years being oblivious to the concept of healing actually existing. However, 2007 was my first introduction to healing, and it opened into Counselling Skills, which I found was hugely important while I was working in my unit in Glasgow.


It was within the next two years, that I found myself really understanding healing, and what the word represented. Being a carer is not easy, in fact it can be one of the rawest, soul opening and spiritually tough experiences to go through. By 2012, at a point that I can only really describe as a spiritual epiphany, I was called into discovering Reiki.


The following two years from 2013 ñ 2015, were something of a whirlwind; launching into business, becoming a reiki master, in not one but several schools, and then to round things off being able to learn about Crystals and their properties. All this and then going back to college and only to leave to go into training, takes its toll.


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