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Holistic Massage

This is a blend of Swedish, Aromatherapy as well as Acupressure and Chinese Massage techniques. The purpose of this massage is to provide my clients with as much relaxation, bodywork or tissue work as they need and require. I offer this service as either back only, back of body, and full body.


Back (30 mins): £35 | Back of Body (45 Minutes): £45 | Full Body (75 Minutes)



Indian head massage

Indian head massage alleviates neck, shoulder, arm, and hand tension; wonderful release for scalp tension as well as in forehead and facial tension. It helps release blockages in the sinuses and is overall a beneficial technique to get some headspace


45 Minute Treatment



Traditional Chinese Massage (Tui Na)

Tui Na releases built-up tension throughout the body, the movements and the techniques, can bring about an overall sense of well-being. As well as releasing tension in neck, shoulders, arms, and hands, as well as legs and feet. Tui Na can also help with digestive issues and can also help with any blocked energy channels throughout the body.

Acupressure massage

Acupressure massage works mainly with the Meridian points on the body; it works up the channels and down the channels, balancing the yin and the yang. As well as rebalancing the body's natural energy; the chi, this form of massage has the added benefit of being able to be done with clothes on; unlike Western massage, where it is important to work directly with the skin. Acupressure massage takes any concerns or body issues on that day away because the clothing does not need removed.


Full Body Treatment:



Crystal therapy

Rebalance our bodies and our body energies; we're able to reach into ourselves and find a place of peace even if it is only for a short while. Through grids, layouts and through individual crystals themselves; it is possible to bring natural resolution to issues and concerns, that are within us at the time.


60 Minute Treatment:




Spiritual healing

This form of healing is either hands off or hands on, clients can be seated or laying down. The natural energy is provided, through the all that is; and it is channelled by guides and healers, who direct it through to the body, mind and the emotions, it is reputed to help the disquiet Soul and bring order to our mental chaos. The sense of peace and energetic rebalance can be sometimes all that is needed.


45 Minute Treatment:





Reiki / Angelic Reiki

This is a blended healing across the four bodies and their systems. Reiki provides us with what we need to receive, exactly when it is needed, at exactly the right time. This is in order for healing to take place from the inside out and provides healing at an emotional level, which brings clarity and release, from any emotional blockages. This can also be done hands-on or hands off and can be taken to a deep level if needed.


60 Minute:



Sacred De-Armouring

This method of deep and sacred healing, clears many blocks on all levels of being and provides a sense of freedom. There can be deep releases from whatever holds us back; either from this lifetime, or previous lifetimes. Through touch, we are able to reconnect with our bodies, and discover how much freedom and space there is, when were no longer hiding from the self, or holding on to the stories that we tell ourselves. This form of deep healing takes time and it is done with sacred honour and held within safe and sacred space.


60 Minutes



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